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Product description

One-Arm Boy in a Two-Arm World

One-Arm Boy in a Two-Arm World
The Story of a Sharecropper's Son and His Family's Enduring Bond of Love
by Nancy Bone Goff

"One-Arm Boy in a Two-Arm World: The Story of a Sharecropper's Son and His Family's Enduring Bond of Love, is the heart wrenching biography of DM Bone, a young boy with only one arm, and his family. Living during the time of the Great Depression, this poor, uneducated family suffers one hardship after another. As sharecroppers they already have a heavy load to bear, but three years of drought, a fire, and failing crops pushes their faith and endurance to the limits. Just when it seems things can't get worse, young DM loses his arm and his sister develops polio, adding to the family's seemingly insurmountable odds.

Yet those who are strong in their faith will withstand any hardship. Relying on an inner strength and will to survive, DM and his family faces each challenge head-on rather than letting it get the better of them. Giving up is simply not a part of their character.

In One-Arm Boy in a Two-Arm World, author Nancy Bone Goff realistically captures every aspect of farm life in the rural south, showing readers what it was like during those difficult times. Though their burden was heavy, one family proved that love and faith can overcome any obstacle."

276 pages - $20.99 (paperback)