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Margaret Lowder

Thursday June 25





Amos Likes To Jump teaches young ones the value of individuality, and why being "you" is the best way to be. The story, created by author Margaret Lowder, is heart-warming and fun. The illustrations, by Ellen Davis, are bright and energetic - just like Amos himself! This quality board book is substantial in size, and durable enough for children of all ages.  Amos is coming, too!



Ace Atkins

Monday July 27


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It is a double whammy from Ace!

In Kickback, P.I. Spenser, knight-errant of the Back Bay, returns in this stellar addition to the iconic "New York Times" bestselling series from author Ace Atkins. What started out as a joke landed seventeen-year-old Dillon Yates in a lockdown juvenile facility in Boston Harbor. When he set up a prank Twitter account for his vice principal, he never dreamed he could be brought up on criminal charges, but that s exactly what happened. This is Blackburn, Massachusetts, where zero tolerance for minors is a way of life. Leading the movement is tough-as-nails Judge Joe Scali, who gives speeches about getting tough on today s wild youth. But Dillon s mother, who knows other Blackburn kids who are doing hard time for minor infractions, isn’t buying Scali s line. She hires Spenser to find the truth behind the draconian sentencing.
From the Harbor Islands to a gated Florida community, Spenser and trusted ally Hawk follow a trail through the Boston underworld with links to a shadowy corporation that runs New England s private prisons. They eventually uncover a culture of corruption and cover-ups in the old mill town, where hundreds of kids are sent off to for-profit juvie jails."


In Redeemers, the electrifying new novel in "New York Times" bestselling author Ace Atkins s acclaimed series about the real Deep South.
He is only in his early thirties, but now Quinn Colson is jobless voted out of office as sheriff of Tibbehah County, Mississippi, thanks to the machinations of county kingpin Johnny Stagg. He has offers, in bigger and better places, but before he goes, he’s got one more job to do bring down Stagg s criminal operations for good. At least that’s the plan. But in the middle of the long, hot summer, a trio of criminals stage a bold, wall-smashing break-in at the home of a local lumber mill owner, making off with a million dollars in cash from his safe, which is curious, because the mill owner is wealthy but not that wealthy. None of this has anything to do with Colson, but during the investigation, two men are killed, one of them the new sheriff. His friend, acting sheriff Lillie Virgil, and a dangerous former flame, Anna Lee Stevens, both ask him to step in, and reluctantly he does, only to discover that that safe contained more than just money it held secrets.
Secrets that could either save Colson or destroy him once and for all."





2015 Events



Carole King & Karren Pell | Carolyn Haines | Gin Phillips

The 2015 Alabama Book Festival

Pat Conroy | Rick Bragg | Daniel Wallace | Reed Farrel Coleman

Bryan Stevenson | Bart Barton | Deborah Wiles | Jennifer Horne

Harry Moore | Lou Anders | Ravi Howard | Lynn Cullen | Laurie Rothrock Dick

Kim Cross | Joe Formicella | James Cherry | Patti Callahan Henry

T. Cooper & Allison Glock Cooper | Charles Farley | Faye Gibbons | Julia Gregg

David McRaney | Rod Frazer | Shari Smith | Sheyann Webb Cristburg

Kimberly Brown | Suzanne Hudson | Peter Last | Jennifer McGraw-Micelli | Jessie Bishop Powell

Philip Shirley }| Heidi Lynn Staples | Joseph P.Wood | Gray Basnight | Pat Mayer

Ashley Chambers | Norman Golar | Ashley McWaters


Bart Barton | Ravi Howard




2014 Events


Daniel Wallace  (again!) - Lee Farrow – Stacey Little – Faye Gibbons

Jeff Benton - Bryan Stevenson - Daniel Wallace

Bob Vardaman – Rod Frazer


2014 Alabama Book Festival

Cassandra King - Isabel Hill – Ashley Bramlett – Donald Anderson

Stacey Little – Lisa Patton – Susan Gregg Gilmore – Sena Jeter Naslund

Clifton Taulbert – Deron Hicks – Robert Inman – Charles McNair

Wendelin Van Draanen – Brandt Ayers – Scot Duncan – Carolyn McKinstry

F.T.Bradley – Deborah Johnson – Charles Salzberg – Michael Wines

Jim Lacefield – Randall Horton – Elaine Neil Orr – Roy Hoffman


Tim Dorsey



2013 Events


Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly

John Besh | Lee Smith | Lisa Patton

Charles McNair | Jeff Benton | Bob Inman

Barbara Wiedemann | Faith Seraphin | Gin Phillips | Ace Atkins

Julia Reed | Alabama Book Festival 2013

Chick Cleveland and Warren Trest



2012 Events


 Miles DeMott | Oliver Haynes | Benjamin Busch | Ace Atkins

Bishop Will Willimon | Foster Dickson | Vallie Lynn Watson | Harvey Jackson

Melinda Rainey Thompson | Alabama Book Festival 2012| Isabel Hill | Doug Segrest

Stephanie McAfee | Joshilyn Jackson | Gin Phillips


2011 Events


Carole King & Karen Pell | Daphne Simpkins | George McGovern |  John Besh

 Mark Hainds | Stuart Dill | Lisa Patton | Don Goodman & Thomas Head

Wayne Flynt | Missy Mercer & Browne Mercer | Bart Barton | Deborah Vogelgesang | Robert Day

Carolyn Haines | Ace Atkins | Martha Hall Foose | River Jordan | Josh Krach | Alabama Book Festival, 2011

Mark Childress | Tim Dorsey | Valerie Gribben | Barbara Wiedemann | Wayne Greenhaw



2010 Events

Baynard Woods | Tom Segev | Martin Fletcher | Miles Demott | Tom Franklin | Deborah Moebes | Sena Jeter Naslund

Susan Gregg Gilmore | Mark Leslie | Carole King & Karren Pell | K.T. Archer | Nancy Bone Goff |

Bobby McAlpine | The Alabama Book Festival | River Jordan | Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Howard Frank Mosher | Brad Watson | Melinda Rainey Thompson | Martha Hawkins






Chris Hastings | John Besh | Kirk Curnutt | Anne Byrn

Justin Allen | Brooke & Keith Desserich | Charlie Lucas, Chip Cooper, & Ben Windham

Lisa Patton | Rick Bragg & Sonny Brewer | Toni & Hillary from Random House Recommend Books

James Braziel | Gin Phillips | Margaret Fenton | Chris Lilly (Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ)

George McGovern | Jeanie Thompson | Phyllis Hoffman | 54 Writers at the Alabama Book Festival

Wayne Greenhaw | Clark Walker | Foster Dickson | Val Downes | Jill Conner Browne




Frank Stitt | Governor John Patterson & Warren Trest | Judy Oliver | Bobby Cole | The Church Ladies

Dr.Gaylon McCollough | Rabbi Harold S. Kushner | Tom Chaffin | Trudier Harris | Val McGee | Jan Crawford Greenburg  

Mary Anna Evans | Carolyn Jourdan |Bobby Cole | Carolyn Haines | Karren Pell and William Goss

Rick Bragg | Jonathan Harrington | Gin Phillips | Sara Dubose | The Alabama Book Festival

 Joe Formichella & Suzanne Hudson | Barbara Wiedemann  | Kerry Madden | Mark Childress | Kirk Curnutt

Tim Dorsey | Jill Conner Browne (The Sweet Potato Queen)




 Michael Knight | Kathryn Tucker Windham | Mary Ann Neeley & Robert Fouts | Karl Stegall

 Donald McCaig | Melinda Rainey Thompson |Wayne Greenhaw

 Jennifer Davis | Sonny Brewer | Phyllis Hoffman | Elizabeth Spencer

Louise Shaffer | Justin Allen | Homer Hickam | Jack Deloney | Brad Vice

David Rose | Cassandra King | David Margolick | Doug Marlette

 Carl T. Smith | Denise Hamilton | Julia Spencer-Fleming 

Mary Anna Evans | Frank Turner Hollon | Mary Palmer Dargan | Jill Conner Browne



Tom Bailey |Robert Inman

John Sledge | Judy Oliver | Melinda Rainey Thompson | Joey Brackner|

Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly | Joshilyn Jackson

Mark Childress | Sonny Brewer | Mills Thornton | Ace Atkins

Ron Rash | Tom Chaffin | Rhys Bowen & Mary Anna Evans | Clea Koff

Robert Barmettler & Jean Shaffer | Carlos Eire | Taylor Branch |




Allen Barra | Alabama Chief Justice Drayton Nabers, Jr. | Bruce Feiler

Steve Roberts | Wayne Greenhaw & Donnie Williams

Frank Turner Hollon | Paul Hemphill | Naomi Rosenblatt | Silas House | Bev Marshall |

Mary Anna Evans | Helen Scully | Nan Graham | Louise Shaffer

Bart Barton | Suzanne Hudson & Joe Formichella | Susan Waggoner | Ronda Rich

Don Noble & the Cheaha Writers: Kathleen Thompson, Laura Hunter, Mike Burrell,
Loretta Cobb, Ben Erickson, Bart Barton, Jim Gilbert, Kirk Curnutt,
John Cottle, Suzanne Hudson, Joe Formichella, Janet Nodar and Janet Mauney

Kerry Madden | Sonny Brewer | Joshilyn Jackson| Kathryn Tucker Windham | Monte Burke

Julia Spencer-Fleming | Cassandra King and Pat Conroy | Tim Dorsey | Minnie Lamberth

Con Lehane | Mike Stewart



Fannie Flagg | Wayne Flynt | Kathryn Tucker Windham | Landon Thomas

Frank Stitt | Clint McCown |Warren St. John | Ron Rash | Andrew Exum | Carolyn Haines

Cassandra King | Patricia Sullivan |Tim Dorsey | Ace Atkins | Lawrence Block

Phyllis Alesia Perry | David Warner | Julia Spencer-Fleming | Jim Carrier | Tom Franklin | Dan Carter



Marlin “Bart” Barton | Kirk Curnutt | Alan Grady | Wayne Greenhaw | Valerie Gribben

Jennifer Horne | Suzanne Hudson | Karren Pell | Elizabeth Schafer | Jeanie Thompson & Jay Lamar

Carolyn Haines | Valerie Gribben | Karren Pell | Daphne Simpkins | Steve Oney | Michael Morris |

Homer Hickam | Sena Jeter Naslund | Elizabeth Schafer | Mary Anna Evans | Tom Franklin | Bart Barton

Stephen Marion | Melinda Haynes | Carolyn Haines | Louise Shaffer |

Tim Dorsey | Daniel Wallace | Jack Johnson | Julia Spencer-Fleming | Robert Guillaume



Tom Fitzpatrick | Kathryn Tucker Windham | Ed Givhan | Mary Ann Neely | John Cork | Charlotte Miller Rick Bragg | Paul Hemphill | Fannie Flagg | Robert McCammon | Brad Watson | Tayari Jones

Whitney J. LeBlanc | Norman McMillan | Jim Carrier Nanci Kincaid | Mary Kay Andrews

Carolyn Haines | Helen Norris | Phyllis Perry | William Cobb | Willie G. Moseley and Bill Ingalls,Jr. Bishop John Shelby Spong | Martin Marty | Pearl Cleage | Robert Inman | Mary Ward Brown | Marlin Barton | Jeff Benton | Rick Bragg | Ivan Maisel & Kelly Whiteside | Charlotte Miller



Dot Moore | Wayne Greenhaw | Judy Oliver | Cecil McMillan | George Singleton

Jeanie Thompson | Jeanie Daniel Duck |Tim Dorsey | Ann B. Ross | Scott Bruner

 Melinda Haynes  | The Sweet Potato Queens | Mike Stewart | Jeanne Braselton | Dr. John Stone



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